Introducing Nordic Design Lab

Nordic Design Lab is a provider of comprehensive workspace solutions. We aim to bring sustainable and innovative Nordic products and solutions to Central Europe.

Harnessing the Secrets of Nordic Well-being and Innovation 

Nordic Design Lab aims to bring positive aspects of the Nordic lifestyle and work culture to offices in French-speaking Europe. Founder of Nordic Design Lab, Veera, has experienced the best of both worlds. The clash between the cultures and the ‘oddness’ of the mysterious Finn in France has caused, at times, amusing situations from recycling to workplace hierarchy. Despite the differences, Veera has learned that Nordic philosophy and culture have a lot to offer in terms of sustainability, workplace culture, and innovation.

Offering comprehensive solutions for the needs of modern work is the main goal of Nordic Design Lab. A great workplace is not determined by just one aspect. Therefore, Nordic Design Lab takes into consideration the big picture formed by various elements. Space solutions, leadership, well-being, and the overall culture of the workplace are all essential. We acknowledge all these aspects, allowing us to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients. A happy workplace and a positive working culture advances productivity and attracts top talent. When it comes to happiness and modern work culture, we got the credentials! Our processes come from Finland and other Nordic countries, which are ranked as the happiest countries in the world year after year.

The Formula to Nordic Happiness 

Looking at the world happiness report, we learn that Nordic people are exceptionally satisfied with their lives. Some of the reasons for this come from the fact that people experience a great sense of autonomy and freedom. Another key thing is high levels of social trust towards one another. Equality is also an important factor, with Finland having some of the lowest levels of income inequality in the world.

These aspects are also part of Nordic workplaces. Workers have a lot of freedom in planning their work, tasks are executed autonomously without micromanagement and people are seen as equals regardless of their position. These things allow for a lower level of hierarchy, which increases transparency and trust and makes it easier to communicate with superiors. Not only this, but what happens outside of work is also a big factor. Maintaining a good work-life balance for employees goes hand in hand with productivity and profits.

With innovative solutions, Nordic Design Lab brings these aspects of the Nordic work culture to its clients. Modular soundproof booths, beautiful and functional furniture and even nap pods all contribute to creating modern office spaces. In addition, our consulting services guide our clients towards a holistic transformation of the working culture, taking into consideration well-being, leadership and work-life balance.

Nordic Design Lab Sustainability

Nordic Design Lab – Sustainable Business with Trust

Because trust plays a big part in the work culture we are trying to create, we also expect it from our partners and clients. With trust, we can ensure the sustainability of our operations by choosing partners that share the same values. This way, the solutions not only benefit our clients but also take the environment and society into consideration. Moreover, it’s crucial because we work on many projects with strict ecological requirements. These values and the careful consideration of the partners we work with guarantee a smooth sailing customer experience for all our clients. This way, we can not only help our innovative Nordic partners grow but also be key partners to our clients wanting to make a positive long-lasting change in their workplaces.

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