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Well-being As a Competitive Advantage

Nordic Design Lab provides modern office solutions that aim to increase well-being and productivity at the workplace. We believe that creating a perfect balance with intense working and recovery will increase your competitiveness. We provide the physical solutions as well as the tools for mental well-being that allow you to achieve the maximum potential of your company.


Nordic interiors for the modern office. We use ecological and functional furniture that increases well-being and productivity at the office. The versatile product portfolio includes soundproof solutions, green walls, daylighting, nap pods and other innovative design. With these solutions, you can create a truly functional modern office.

Well-being & Recovery

A comprehensive service for well-being at work. We provide the equipment needed for recovery and coping with work-related stress. The goal is to create a workplace that promotes a positive work-life balance. We do this by providing employees the resources to take care of their mental well-being and recovery.


The human-centric leadership model that we offer makes working life not only meaningful but also more productive. We help you replace outdated methods with new tools and thinking. Our leadership coaching aims for self-organization, holistic well-being, continuous learning, and active knowledge-sharing.


Featured Brands

We Bring Nordic Welltech, Design and Innovation to the Workplace

We choose partners that share the same values regarding nature, well-being and the future. Therefore, we use carefully chosen design brands and well-tech concepts. Working with sustainable and innovative companies allows a high-quality level of service and an access to the latest technologies in the industry. To ensure this, we’re always on the lookout for new brands and innovations to work with.

Taiga Concept

Taiga’s creative office solutions bring the positive aspects of nature to your office. The product portfolio includes modular space solutions from phone booths to large conference rooms.

Loook Industries

Loook Industries uses designs to expand the range of possibilities for people who need to get work done, or to take a relaxing break, both in the office and while on the move.


What started as an internal platform, grew into LaaS, a digital multipurpose tool for every workplace. LaaS – Leadership as a Service is a hands-on model that enables organizations to streamline and future-proof their business by helping individuals and teams to succeed.

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Who Are We?

We Help Companies Work Smarter

Nordic Design Lab is a distributor & a consultant of modern workplace solutions. We are inspired by the Nordic way of working. The agile, equal and honest workplaces, where individuals are valued. Our mission is to create such positive change in working culture, by providing innovative solutions for companies and organizations.  Taking into consideration the ecological and the social aspects, we initiate a sustainable long-lasting change. We help our customers find the best products and services for successful business and happy individuals. With our innovative product portfolio, we strive to make the Nordic-inspired way of working accessible to the world.


Our mission is to bring ecological design concepts to your work environment. That’s why we feature products that are eco-friendly and use recyclable and renewable materials where feasible.


We create environments using the latest technology and innovations in the field of modern work. Our wellness and recovery technologies provide all the tools for a modern office.


With a people-oriented approach, we aim to create spaces that increase worker satisfaction and health. Happier and healthier workplaces allow for more innovation and productivity.

Meet the Team



''I'm inspired by a smarter and a more sustainable future of working''

With a passion for Nordic design and a healthy lifestyle, Veera’s mission is to bring ecological Nordic design, innovation and well-being to the workplace. She is convinced that healthy work environments and better possibilities for individual development help companies be more creative and successful. She is the founder of Nordic Design Lab and runs the day-to-day business.


’’My aspiration is to create engaging and exciting spaces where people can communicate and feel good.’’

Tyl is our talented Architect and Creative Director from Canada. Driven by his need to create meaningful spaces, he allows new aspirations to come to life in a beautiful way. Tyl and Veera have a long history of working together on various projects. This combined with the shared values of quality and attention to detail, it was a natural progression for Tyl to become a Partner at Nordic Design Lab.



''For me it's important that every day is marked with laughter and joy.''

Cyrielle brings us sun from south of France! She is exceptional at making complex things simple. At Nordic Design Lab, Cyrielle ensures that the services and technologies are integrated as a natural part of an organization. She has a great understanding of communication between executives, managers, and teams when it comes to implementing sustainable change.

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