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Nordic Design Lab is an agent & a consultant of modern workplace solutions. We believe in a Nordic-inspired way of working – Agile, equal, and honest workplaces where individuals are valued. Our mission is to enforce such positive change in work culture everywhere. Together with our Nordic design and innovation partners, we can initiate long-lasting positive change in companies and organizations.


Our mission is to bring ecological design to your work environment. That’s why we choose eco-friendly products and use recyclable and renewable materials.


We help to create environments using the latest technology and innovations in modern work. Our wellness and recovery technologies provide all the tools for today's office.


With a people-oriented approach, we help to create spaces that increase worker satisfaction and health. Happier and healthier workplaces allow for more innovation and productivity.


We carefully select design Brands and well-tech concepts we represent. Criteria includes shared values regarding nature, well-being and the future of our planet. Working with quality, sustainable, and innovative companies allows us to offer you a high-quality products, service and access to the latest technologies in the industry.

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